ToF Cameras Shootout

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Aalto University, Espoo, Finland, publishes MsC Thesis "Performance Evaluation of Time-of-Flight Depth Cameras" by Matti Laukkanen. Three ToF cameras are compared: MESA SR4000 (released in 2010), Panasonic DIMager EKL-3106 (2012) and Microsoft Kinect v2 (2014). Few comparisons:

"Overall, Kinect v2 can be considered as the winner of the trio. Compared to the other two devices, it offers approximately ten times more pixels and a significantly larger FOV at a fraction of the price. It is also the most accurate, as it can achieve up to millimetre precision. SR4000 is at its best almost as accurate, but on the other hand it is highly sensitive to background light. D-IMager differs significantly from the other two, as its depth accuracy is nearly tenfold lower."

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