SK Hynix to Start 12-inch Wafer CIS Production in 2017

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ETNews: SK Hynix plans to start manufacturing its 13MP CIS on 300mm fab called M10, located in Icheon, Korea, in 2017. The company is currently installing the production equipment. So far, Hynix image sensors have been produced at 200mm M8 fab. Since the 13MP dies are larger, SK Hynix believes that production would be more profitable on 300mm fab.

Samsung, Huawei, LG, and other smartphone manufacturers are using SK Hynix’s 8MP CIS for their low and medium-priced smartphones.

SK Hynix is also said to increase number of employees that work on image sensors recently. ETNews says "‘Master’ personnel, who had been recognized as the best technical specialist in CIS field within Samsung Electronics, has recently started working for SK Hynix."

According to TSR, global CIS sales in 2015 were about $9.162 billion. Sony (44.8%) is the top business in this market followed by Samsung (16.5%) and OmniVision (13.2%). SK Hynix (3.7%) stands at a 6th place behind of ON Semi (acquired Aptina Imaging, 6.1%) and Canon (5.3%).

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