Chipworks: iPhone 7 Image Sensors Made by Sony

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Chipworks iPhone 7 teardown reveals no surprises - both the rear and the front sensors are made by Sony:

"The iSight camera chip was sourced from Sony and fabricated using its Exmor RS technology platform. The 12 MP chip features a Bayer RGB color filter array (CFA) and embedded phase detection autofocus (PDAF) pixels. The die size is 5.16 mm x 6.25 mm (32.3 mm2) as measured from the edges of the die stack. We expect our planned analysis will show the CMOS image sensor (CIS) die to be fabricated by Sony in its 90 nm technology generation. The through silicon via (TSV) patterning tells us it’s a 2nd generation Exmor RS sensor and not 3rd generation Exmor RS with direct bond interconnect (DBI). The TSVs are used to connect the CIS chip to an underlying image signal processor (ISP), which is not to be confused with the complementary ISP functions embedded within the A10 chip."

iSight rear camera

"iPhone 7’s FaceTime camera resolution has been bumped up to 7 MP. The front-facing Facetime camera module is 6.8 mm x 6.0 mm x 4.3 mm thick and contains a Sony Exmor RS chip, also featuring 2nd generation TSVs. Our preliminary analysis of the 5.05 mm x 3.72 mm (18.8 mm2) FaceTime camera chip reveals a 1.0 µm pitch Bayer RGB CFA."

FaceTime front camera

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