Omnivision Launches 120dB 1.7MP Automotive Sensor

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PRNewswire: OmniVision announces the OV10650, a wide-format imager with 2:1 aspect ratio. Built on 4.2um OmniBSI split pixel, the OV10650 delivers 1820 x 940 resolution at up to 60fps and 120dB of DR.

"Offering a wide field of view and high dynamic range, we view the OV10650 as ideally suited for next-generation rear video mirrors utilizing wide high-resolution displays," said Thilo Rausch, senior automotive product manager at OmniVision. "As a result, the driver can make better, more informed decisions, especially in challenging driving conditions due to increased situational and spatial awareness around the vehicle."

OmniVision is also launching the OV10652, same as the OV10650, but utilizes an RCCC color filter pattern for automotive camera integrators for ADAS. Both OV10650 and OV10652 are specified to meet the standards required by the 2018 New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). Systems based on these sensors can enable features such as pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, head lamp control, forward collision warning, and traffic sign detection.

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