Image Sensor Americas Agenda

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Image Sensor Americas conference to be held on Oct. 25-26 in San Francisco, CA, publishes its quite an interesting agenda with short abstracts:
  • Keynote: The Prospects for Building Image Sensors in America
    Paul Gallagher | Senior Director of Technolog of LG Display
  • Camera Selection for Low Light Imaging: Choosing the Right Camera Based on an Informed Analysis of Signal Levels and Noise.
    James Butler | Manager of OEM Camera Products of Hamamatsu Photonics
  • Image Sensors for Security, Wearable and Consumer Electronic Products: The Race to Low Light Performance
    Patrice Roulet | Director of Engineering and Co-Founder of Technology of Immervision
  • Fueling an IoT-Driven Future: The QuantumFilm Imaging Platform
    Remi Lacombe | VP Sales and Marketing of Invisage
  • Flexible Image Sensors Printed on Plastic
    Carlo Guareschi | Vice-President of Business Development of ISORG
  • Bio-inspired Event-based Sensor Technology for Computer Vision
    Luca Verre | CEO of Chronocam
  • Imaging beyond the Bandgap: A 200 GHz Silicon CMOS Imager
    Kenneth Fourspring | Senior Image Scientist of Harris Corporation Geospatial Systems
  • Processors for Embedded Computer Vision: Options and Trends
    Jeff Bier | Founder and President of Embedded Vision Alliance and BDTI
  • CMOS Image Sensors Open Up New Options in Medical Imaging
    Axel Krepil | Sensor + Division of Framos
  • Miniature Form Factor Camera Modules for Medical Endoscopy
    Martin Waeny | CEO of AWAIBA
  • Market Analysis
    Rajender Thusu | Indsutry Principal, Sensors Practice of Frost & Sullivan
  • Optical Solution for NIR Crosstalk in RGBir Hybrid Sensors
    Rich Hicks | Senior Camera and Imaging Technologies of Intel
  • ALCHERA: a hyperspectral architecture that enables ubiquitous imaging spectroscopy
    Alex Hegyi | Research Staff of PARC, a Xerox Company
  • Using Advanced Imaging to Optimise Supply Chain Processes: The Beef Example
    Alexandra Booth | Research Scientist of ImpactVision
  • Image Sensor Needs: A Customer’s Perspective
    Scott Campbell | V.P. of Research of GoPro
  • The Eyes Have It
    Peter Milford | CTO of EyeFluence
  • IEEE CPIQ Standard for Measuring and Benchmarking Image Quality in Consumer Mobile Devices
    Jonathan Phillips | Image Scientist of Google
  • Mobile Imaging
    Sean Kelly | VP of Imaging of Motorola
  • Deep Learning, Driving the next Image Processing Revolution
    Yair Siegel | Director of Product Marketing, Imaging & Vision of CEVA DSP
  • Using Computational Power to Overcome the Hardware Constraints in Optical Designs
    Eugene Panich | CEO, Co-Founder of Almalence
  • Image Sensors in Automotive: Plotting the Evolution of Image Sensors in a Vehicle
    Pallavi Madakasira | Analyst of Lux Research Intelligence

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