Framos Becomes Image Sensor Manufacturer

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The world's largest image sensor distributor Framos discovers a new opportunity and comes up with its own brand image sensors:

The technological change from CCD to CMOS sensors also offers huge opportunities in medical diagnostics, however, there are no standard sensors for endoscopes. Mostly, customized sensors with a production quantity under 50.000 pieces are not rentable in production due to high on-off-costs.

The imaging experts at FRAMOS are now closing that gap. As a technical consultant and development partner for many years, FRAMOS will launch its own image sensors, especially designed for the needs of the medical industry and endoscopy at the MEDICA 2016. Axel Krepil, Head of the Sensor Department, explains the motivation: “Based on developments in the mobile device market, CMOS technology now offers a clearly superior image quality than CCD in the low-light range relevant for diagnostics. Smaller sensors and thus, endoscope sizes, can be implemented at a very cost-effective price now. As a sensor expert, we can offer such a cost-effective standard product which is qualified for medical use and which offers medical device companies security with respect to development, certification and distribution due to its long-term availability.

The 2MP model FRA0261 with CMOS-BSI technology and with a chip scale packaging (CSP) of 4.1mm x 3.9mm, allows for endoscopes or camera modules with dimensions below 6mm and, at this size, are particularly suited for colonoscopes, mobile and reusable endoscopes used for colonoscopies. A pixel size of 1.4 µm x 1.4 µm, Full-HD resolution and a frame rate of 60 frames per second increase the image quality for the treating physician and improves real-time capabilities. In comparison to CCD technology, the small-size CMOS sensors are available for approximately half the current market price. In addition, FRAMOS offers the sensors as a “die” version with which endoscope manufacturers can install the sensor for a better angle of sight based on optical requirements, in any position, for instance vertical or tilted. With the powerful 2- or 4-lane MIPI interface, only a few cable connections are required between the sensor and the control unit.

The FRA0100 model (in development) with 1MP resolution and a 3mm x 3mm CSP is particularly light and suitable for round small-size endoscopes used in cardiovascular surgeries. The 1000 x 1000 pixel resolution is achieved due to the small pixel size of 1.75µm x 1.75µm.

With both sensors, we cover the need, with respect to reusable sensors which are required in smaller quantities and therefore fall below the radar of the large manufacturers or which would incur costs in individual developments. FRAMOS thus offers a quality adapted to the needs of the medical technology field and a long-term, stable supply at a reasonable price.” says Krepil.

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