Videantis Takeaways from AutoSens 2016

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Videantis posted its review of AutoSens 2016 conference. There are 5 things learned from the conference:
  1. Self-driving cars are hard. After Tesla Autopilot accidents people are more conservative about self-driving prospects. One analyst mentioned 2040 as a possibility for driverless cars to become available, beyond the horizon for most technology companies.
  2. Deep learning is hard. The nets need to be trained with huge amounts of image data, which needs to be properly annotated by hand, with some companies having hundreds of people on staff to perform this task.
  3. Image quality is hard. Image quality will remain a key topic for quite some time.
  4. We need more sensors. OEMs designing 12 cameras into their cars, and this number continuous to go up.
  5. Surround view replacing rear view. These systems are quickly becoming the rear view camera of yesteryear.

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