Image Reconstruction for Quanta Image Sensors

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Open-access Sensors journal publishes Purdue University paper "Images from Bits: Non-Iterative Image Reconstruction for Quanta Image Sensors" by Stanley H. Chan, Omar A. Elgendy, and Xiran Wang. From the abstract:

"Because of the stochastic nature of the photon arrivals, data acquired by QIS is a massive stream of random binary bits. The goal of image reconstruction is to recover the underlying image from these bits. In this paper, we present a non-iterative image reconstruction algorithm for QIS. Unlike existing reconstruction methods that formulate the problem from an optimization perspective, the new algorithm directly recovers the images through a pair of nonlinear transformations and an off-the-shelf image denoising algorithm. By skipping the usual optimization procedure, we achieve orders of magnitude improvement in speed and even better image reconstruction quality. We validate the new algorithm on synthetic datasets, as well as real videos collected by one-bit single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) cameras."

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