Renesas Autonomy Platform

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EETimes: Renesas Autonomy platform for ADAS application features ISP and vision processors:

Key Features of the Renesas' R-Car V3M SoC solution:
  • Efficient image recognition engine and functional safety
    The R-Car V3M SoC implements a computer vision platform using different accelerators, including a versatile pipeline engine (IMP) and a computer vision engine (CVE), allowing the R-Car V3M to manage algorithms like optical flow, object detection and classification and convolutional neural networks.
  • High level of integration for reduced cost
    The R-Car V3M includes an integrated ISP that makes the image ready for computer vision. The integration eliminates the need for an external ISP component in the front camera or in the sensor itself.
  • Open solution for front camera

Samples of the R-Car V3M SoC will be available from December 2017. Mass production is scheduled to begin in June 2019.

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