AutoSens Detroit Starts on May 22

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Autosens Detroit 2017 conference offers quite significant image sensor content:

  • IEEE P2020 Working Group Meeting - Official meeting for the IEEE Standards Association Working Group on Automotive System Image Quality – P2020
  • Challenges in automotive image quality testing, Norman Koren, Imatest
  • Optimizing Imaging and Vision Systems for Autonomous Driving, Felix Heide, Algolux
  • Image Processing, Gregory Rofett, ST Micro
  • Image processing challenges for self-driving cars, Joyce Farrell, Stanford University
  • Image quality and safety in automotive video applications, Marc Geese, Bosch
  • Toward visible-light-based imaging for autonomous vehicles, Guy Satat, MIT
  • Improving Image Quality through Camera Radiometric Calibration, Mary Pagnutti, Innovative Imaging and Research
  • Novel, affordable automotive lidar solution, Filip Geuens, XenomatiX

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