Weekly Patent Review

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There have been quite a few interesting patent applications published this week, a rare statistical fluctuation.

ST LED flicker-reducing HDR sensor patent application US20170118424 "High dynamic range image sensor" by Tarek Lule, Jérôme Chossat, and Benoît Deschamps includes different sized photodiodes, possibly for the next version of their automotive HDR sensor:

Samsung patent application US20170118450 "Low-light image quality enhancement method for image processing device and method of operating image processing system performing the method" by Yong Ju Jung, Kwang Hyuk Bae, Chae Sung Kim, and Joon Seo Yim resolves the tradeoffs between RGB and RWB color patterns - use both and combine their outputs:

Pixart patent application US20170118418 "Dual-aperture ranging system" by Guo-zhen Wang, Yi-lei Chen seems to follow the steps of Dual Aperture startup ideas, just 3 years later:

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