KAIST “K-Eye” Recognizes Faces

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KAIST research team led by Prof. Hoi-Jun Yoo developes CNNP chip (CNN Processor), that runs AI algorithms with ultra-low power, and K-Eye, a face recognition system using CNNP. The system was made in collaboration with a start-up company, UX Factory.

The “Always-on” image sensor, can determine if there is a face in its camera range. Then, it can capture frames and set the device to operate only when a face exists, reducing the standby power significantly. CNNP achieved 97% face recognition accuracy while consuming only 0.62mW of power. Both chips were developed by Kyeongryeol Bong, a PhD student under Prof. Yoo and presented at ISSCC in February.

A Youtube video demos the K-Eye operation:

EurekaAlert also publishes a die photo:

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