Omnivision Announces Dual Camera Set, Single Camera Sensors

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PRNewswire: Omnivision's OV13A10 and OV13A1Q is a pair of 13MP stacked-die sensors with second-generation PureCel Plus 1.0um pixel. The new sensors are intended for 2x optical zoom to front- and rear-facing cameras in mainstream smartphones. The OV13A10 is a telephoto sensor designed specifically for dual-camera applications with a module z-height of less than 6mm, and features zig-zag HDR (zHDR) and PDAF. A customized chief ray angle (CRA) enables the OV13A10 to be used as a tele-sensor in a 2X optical zoom camera configuration.

PRNewswire: OmniVision also announces the OV16B10, a 16MP stacked image sensor designed for the next generation of flagship smartphones. Built on the second-generation, 1.12um PureCel Plus-S pixel. It includes PDAF and zHDR too. zHDR uses a long and short exposure in a single frame. When compared with traditional frame-based HDR techniques, the zHDR is said to have increased DR with minimum ghosting artifacts.

The OV16B10 has a built-in feature that synchronizes the frames and supports context switching when it is used in dual-camera configurations, supporting image fusion while simplifying camera system architecture. Additionally, the OV16B10 features a gyro interface that reads and synchronizes the motion data from an external gyroscope to enable precise image stabilization for video and still capture.

The new sensors are currently available for sampling and are expected to enter volume production in Q4 2017.

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