Sony Fast Readout May Create Banding Artifacts in LED Light

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DPReview publishes an analysis of banding artifacts in Sony full-frame A9 camera with electronic rolling shutter. Apparently, its stacked stacked sensor reads 12 rows in parallel to progress through the entire 24MP sensor in 6.25ms time. This creates noticeable banding artifacts on LED advertisement panels and nearby objects in the examples shot at a soccer game:

DPReview concludes: "The a9's electronic shutter proceeds in 12-row chunks; a mechanical shutter is more analogous to an electronic shutter proceeding line by line, which would yield smoother bands. Not the more hard-edged, lower frequency (and therefore more readily identifiable) 12-row bands that are visually more distracting than if they had been gradual, single-pixel rows transitioning from one color or brightness to another."

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