Light Co. Starts Shipping its Computational Camera

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Light starts shipping the L16 camera to its pre-order customers, after 4 years of development. The company explains what it has accomplished in these 4 years:
  • It took us three years to design and build our own custom ASIC chips, which are needed to control all 16 camera modules at the same time.
  • We also developed our own 70mm and 150mm camera modules, complete with custom optics and electrical components. To put this in perspective, most smartphone cameras contain 30mm or 50mm lenses. The higher focal length lenses we were looking for weren’t even on the market yet, so we had to invent them ourselves.
  • We created proprietary image-fusing algorithms and processing pipelines that align each of the base camera modules.
  • We produced Android software to operate our camera and a Mac/Windows application for depth-of-field editing.
  • We implemented an e-commerce platform and initiated a complex global manufacturing and supply chain.

Light Director of Hardware Engineering, Brian Gilbert,
with the first 'lunch box' prototype
Light final product. Each lens is annotated
with its range of distances, focal length, and aperture

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