Optimal Coding Functions for I-ToF Imaging

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University of Wisconsin-Madison and Columbia University publish a technical report "What Are Optimal Coding Functions for Time-of-Flight Imaging?" by Mohit Gupta, Andreas Velten, Shree Nayar, and Eric Breitach.

"Almost all current C-ToF systems use sinusoid or square coding functions, resulting in a limited depth resolution. In this paper, we present a mathematical framework for exploring and characterizing the space of C-ToF coding functions in a geometrically intuitive space. Using this framework, we design families of novel coding functions that are based on Hamiltonian cycles on hypercube graphs. Given a fixed total source power and acquisition time, the new Hamiltonian coding scheme can achieve up to an order of magnitude higher resolution as compared to the current state-of-the art methods, especially in low SNR settings."

The "geometrically intuitive hypercube graphs" look like this:

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