NHK Open House 2017

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NHK Open House held in Tokyo in May 2017 revealed the latest TV innovations:

3D-integrated image sensor with per-pixel interconnect (together with University of Tokyo): "We have managed to shrink the pixels from the previous size of approximately 80 × 80 µm² to approximately 50 × 50 µm²."

Fast 8K 240fps image sensor: "We developed a 33 megapixel image sensor capable of high-speed operation and constructed a prototype 8K high-speed camera supporting shooting at 240 fps, which is four times the frame rate in 8K test satellite broadcasting. This camera enables the shooting of fast-paced action such as that in sports in 8K ultrahigh-definition video."

And many other innovations including organic image sensor "with a charge multiplication photoelectric conversion fi lm in order to achieve highly sensitive 8K cameras" and "organic image sensors with three organic films that provide sensitivity for each of the primary colors."

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