Omnivision Announces Nyxel NIR Sensing Technology

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PRNewswire: OmniVision introduces Nyxel NIR technology that increases QE of up to 3x at 850nm and 5x at 940nm, when compared with our legacy NIR-capable sensors, while maintaining all other image-quality metrics. Nyxel technology is aimed to a wide variety of applications, including: surveillance, machine-vision, and automotive applications.

"Conventional approaches to NIR rely solely on thick silicon to improve NIR image-sensor sensitivity. However, this results in crosstalk and reduces the modulation transfer function (MTF). Attempts to overcome this by introducing deep trench isolation (DTI) often lead to defects that corrupt the dark area of the image," explained Lindsay Grant, VP of process engineering at OmniVision. "We have worked to overcome these challenges in an exclusive engagement with our foundry partner, leveraging technologies in its 300mm wafer fab. Initial results are very promising, and have generated a great deal of interest with our OEM customers."

OmniVision's approach to NIR imaging combines thick-silicon pixel architectures with careful management of wafer surface texture to improve QE, and extended DTI to help retain MTF without affecting the sensor's dark current.

The company video demos Nyxel NIR advantages:

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