ON Semi Announces Two 1MP Sensors

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BusinessWire: ON Semi announces 3um pixel-based AS0140 and AS0142 1/4-inch 1MP sensors with integrated ISP for automotive applications. The new sensors support 45 fps at full resolution or 60 fps at 720p. Key features include distortion correction, multi-color overlays and both analog (NTSC) and digital (Ethernet) interfaces. Both SoC devices achieve enhanced image quality by making use of the adaptive local tone mapping (ALTM) in order to eliminate artifacts that impinge on the acquisition process while achieving DR of 93 dB.

Both new devices are said to have class-leading power efficiency; when running at 30 fps in HDR mode, they consume just 530 mW. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +105°C. Engineering samples are available now. The AS0140 will be in production in 4Q17, and AS0142 will be in production in 1Q18.

AS0140 ISP pipeline

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