EI 2018, "Image Sensors and Imaging Systems" Preliminary Program

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Electronic Imaging 2018, "Image Sensors and Imaging Systems" Symposium is about to publish its preliminary program. I was given an early preview:

There will be five invited keynotes:
  • "Dark Current Limiting Mechanisms in CMOS Image Sensors"
    Dan McGrath, BAE Systems (California)
  • "Security imaging in an unsecure world"
    Anders Johanesson, AXIS COMMUNICATIONS AB (Sweden)
  • "Quantum Efficiency and Color"
    Jörg Kunze, Basler AG (Germany)
  • "Sub-Electron Low Noise CMOS image sensors"
    Angel Rodriguez Vasquez, University of Sevilla (Spain)
  • "Advances in automotive image sensors"
    Boyd Fowler, OmniVision Technologies (California)
The regular papers are grouped into several sessions with the following themes (the exact names are still under discussion):
  • QE curves, color and spectral imaging
  • Depth sensing
  • High speed and ultra high speed imaging
  • Noise, performance and characterization
  • Technology and design for high performance image sensors
  • Image sensors and technologies for automotive and autonomous vehicles
  • Applications
  • Interactive posters
It is a program over two days within the 5 days of the Electronic Imaging symposium. It is held at the same time as Photonics West and the week after the P2020 meeting.

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