5 Things to Learn from AutoSens 2017

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EMVA publishes "AutoSens Show Report: 5 Things We Learned This Year" by Marco Jacobs, VP of Marketing, Videantis. The five important things are:
  1. The devil is in the detail
    Sort of obvious. See some examples in the article.
  2. No one sensor to rule them all
    Different image sensors, Lidars, each optimized for a different sub-task
  3. No bold predictions
    That is, nobody knows what the autonomous driving arrives to the market
  4. Besides the drive itself, what will an autonomous car really be like?
  5. Deep learning a must-have tool for everyone
    Sort of a common statement although the approaches vary. Some put the intelligence into the sensors, others keep sensors dumb while concentrating the processing in a central unit.

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