Samsung on Structured Light Camera Outdoor Performance

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Samsung publishes a paper "Outdoor Operation of Structured Light in Mobile Phone" by Byeonghoon Park, Yongchan Keh, Donghi Lee, Yongkwan Kim, Sungsoon Kim, Kisuk Sung, Jungkee Lee, Donghoon Jang, Youngkwon Yoon presented at The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017.

"Active Depth Camera does not operate well especially outdoors because signal light is much weaker than ambient sunlight. To overcome this problem, Spectro-Temporal Light Filtering, adopting a light source of 940nm wavelength, has been designed. In order to check and improve outdoor depth quality, mobile phones for proof-of-concept have been implemented with structured light depth camera enclosed. We present its outdoor performance, featuring a 940nm vertical cavity surface emitting laser as a light source and an image sensor with a global shutter to reduce ambient light noise. The result makes us confident that this functionality enables mobile camera technology to step into another stunning stage."

Mantis Vision Coded Light algorithm was used in this work. The company publishes a video on its technology:

Meanwhile, SINTEF Digital publishes an Optics Express paper "Design tool for TOF and SL based 3D cameras" by Gregory Bouquet, Jostein Thorstensen, Kari Anne Hestnes Bakke, and Peter Risholm. A structured light camera excels at short range, such as Apple Face ID, while a ToF camera is a better fit for long range applications, such as Google Tango:

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