Almalence Works on 1-inch Sensor-based Mobile Phone Cameras

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DisruptorDaily publishes an interview with Almalence CEO Eugene Panich talking about the recent developments in mobile imaging. The most interesting part talks about 1-inch smartphone cameras:

"Our recent development, a collapsible camera system having just 3 millimeters in height and utilizing 1-inch sensor, normally found in those big cameras. (To compare – your smartphone camera normally has 1/3 inch or 1/2.4 inch sensor, collecting ten times less light). To accommodate such a big sensor, our camera module pops up when you need to take a shot and collapses into a slim structure on standby, allowing the users to take images that only a DSLR could take and still fitting in the pocket form factor of a mobile phone."

I can imagine a global CIS wafer capacity shortage, if indeed the whole mobile industry starts a transition to 1-inch cameras.

Almalence site shows some of its customers and partner companies:

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