1MP Photon-number-resolving Sensor

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OSA Optica publishes a paper "Photon-number-resolving megapixel image sensor at room temperature without avalanche gain" by Jiaju Ma, Saleh Masoodian, Dakota Starkey, and Eric Fossum, Dartmouth College, NH, USA. From the abstrac t:

"Termed a quanta image sensor, the device is implemented in a commercial stacked (3D) backside-illuminated CMOS image sensor process. Without the use of avalanche multiplication, the 1.1 μm pixel-pitch device achieves 0.21e−  rms average read noise with average dark count rate per pixel less than 0.2e−/s, and 1040 fps readout rate. This novel platform technology fits the needs of high-speed, high-resolution, and accurate photon-counting imaging for scientific, space, security, and low-light imaging as well as a broader range of other applications."

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