Espros Tapes Out Pulsed Lidar Sensor

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Espros December 2017 newsletter announces a tapeout of its pulsed LiDAR sensor:

"It is done! The design of the first LiDAR imager, or as we it call, pTOF imager is completed and the tapeout has happened a few days ago. The numbers are simply breath taking: The pixel has a sensitivity to recognize an object from 20 electrons only. This allows to detect an object in a 300m distance (white wall). A high performance 4-phase CCD with hundreds of gates operating at 250MHz clock does the time-to-location transformation. More than 10 million devices are placed on this chip. And more than 25 engineering man-years were squeezed into calendar year 2017. We are extremely proud on our chip design team for this outstanding achievement!"

Espros LiDAR sensor

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