Noise in Image Sensors: You Love It or You Hate It

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Albert Theuwissen's IEEE webinar "Noise: You Love It or You Hate It" to be held on January 24, 2018 10:00am EST, will focus on the various noise sources present in a CMOS image sensor. A CMOS image sensor is a great example of a mixed-signal
circuit : the analog pixel array is driven by digital control signals. The analog output signal generated by the pixel array, goes through a denoising step in the analog domain before being converted to the digital domain. So it should not be surprising that a CMOS image sensor is a complex collection of different noise sources.

This webinar will address the most important noise sources in a CMOS image sensor, from temporal noise to spatial noise. The origin of those noise sources will be explained and countermeasures will be suggested. A lot of the countermeasures are already implemented in today's devices. Without the tremendous noise reduction techniques developed in the last decades, it would never ever have been possible to make color images at the extreme low light levels like we have at this moment. The noise floor of today's devices is that low that we can almost detect single electrons with standard consumer devices. Noise : do you love it or do you hate it? As a consumer I hate it, as an imaging engineer I love it!
(These are Albert Theuwissen's words. As of me, I hate noise in any capacity.)

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