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LeddarTech publishes The Automotive LiDAR Magazine 2018 with a lot of interesting data about LiDARs:

According to IHS Markit analyst Akhilesh Kona, mechanical LiDAR is the only type that has negative CAGR expectations, starting 2020:

"According to IHS Markit, MEMS-based scanning LiDAR will be the primary solution for meeting the high volumes and LiDAR performance requirements needed for autonomous vehicle deployments as early as 2020.

Once pure SSLs are ready, MEMS technology will be challenged. The success of MEMS technology for automotive LiDAR applications depends on price, and its ability to achieve performances in line with the specifications of other solid-state technologies.

On the semiconductor front, emitters are critical for range and class 1 eye-safe operation. Achieving long ranges with laser emitters between 800 nm to 940 nm while respecting eye-safe limits can be a challenge. Emitters above 1400 nm and CO2 lasers are under development for long-range operations with less power at eye-safe levels; however, higher costs, technology maturity and export regulations remain barriers to market entry.

IHS Markit believes that OEMs will not compromise on performance for L4 and L5 vehicles, and therefore will mostly adopt emitters with wavelengths above 1400 nm for longer-range applications. Emitters in the 800 nm to 940 nm range will mainly be used for short- and mid-range LiDARs.

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