ON Semi Announces 43MP Full Frame CCD

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BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor introduces a 43MP CCD in 35 mm optical format, said to be the highest CCD resolution in full-frame format. The KAI-43140 is aimed to applications such as end of line inspection of HD and UHD flat panel displays and aerial photography.

The KAI-43140 utilizes a new 4.5 µm Interline Transfer CCD (ITCCD) pixel that increases resolution by 50% compared to the prior 5.5 µm design while preserving critical imaging performance. Featuring a true electric “global” shutter, the device supports full resolution frame rates up to 4 fps through the use of flexible 1, 2, or 4 output readout architecture. The KAI-43140 shares the same package and pin definitions as the popular 29 MP KAI-29050 and KAI-29052 image sensors, allowing it to be incorporated into existing camera designs with only minor electrical changes.

Many industrial imaging applications demand the image uniformity currently only available from CCD technology, while needing the resolution increases that require continued pixel development,” said Herb Erhardt, VP and GM, Industrial Solutions Division, Image Sensor Group at ON Semiconductor. “With the KAI-43140, camera manufacturers and end customers can continue to push the boundaries of high resolution image capture without sacrificing the image quality their applications require.

Engineering grade versions of the KAI-43140 are now available, with production versions planned for early 3Q18.

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