TechInsights Publishes Samsung 0.9um Tetracell Pixel Analysis

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Techinsights publishes reverse engineering report of Samsung 0.9um Tetracell pixel sensor:

There are many reasons we are excited about the Samsung S5K2X7SP 0.9µm Image Sensor, including Samsung’s claims about it:
  • “Slim 2X7 with Tetracell technology” (.9um, 24MP)
  • The first 0.9 µm generation pixels in mass production
  • Targeting both front and rear cameras
As well as its noted technology features:

Improved ISOCELL technology with deeper deep trench isolation
  • (DTI)Reduced color crosstalk
  • Expands the full-well capacity to hold more light information
  • At 0.9um, allows 24Mp image sensor to fit in a thinner camera module
Tetracell Technology
  • Merges four neighboring pixels to work as one for better light sensitivity in low light situations

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