Blackmore Raises $18M for Coherent LiDAR

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PRNewswire: Bozeman, Montana-based Blackmore Sensors and Analytics Inc. has raised $18m in a Series B funding led by BMW i Ventures. Additional investment comes from Toyota AI Ventures, Millennium Technology Value Partners and Next Frontier Capital.

"Blackmore has unique and innovative FMCW lidar technology that delivers a new dimension of data to future vehicles," said BMW i Ventures partner Zach Barasz. In addition to being more cost-effective, Blackmore's FMCW lidar has several advantages over traditional pulsed lidar systems.

"Blackmore's groundbreaking FMCW lidar technology is designed to eliminate interference, improve long-range performance, and support both range and velocity — a triple threat to make autonomous driving safer," said Jim Adler, managing director of Toyota AI Ventures.

According to Randy Reibel, Blackmore's CEO, it is that last capability that differentiates Blackmore's sensor from its competitors. "Having the ability to measure both the speed and the distance to any object gives self-driving systems more information to navigate safely."

Blackmore will use the investment to scale the production of its FMCW lidar for ADAS and self-driving markets. Increased production capacity will allow Blackmore to support the growing sector of autonomous driving teams demanding a superior lidar solution.

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