Etron Has High Hopes for its 3D Solution

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Digitimes: Etron 3D wide-angle sensor-based face recognition modules adopted by Ant Financial, the online payment arm of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, at its first unmanned store in Hangzhou, China, a move that is expected to significantly improve Etrons's revenue and profits.

The company's EX8036 3D multi-aperture measurement/gesture recognition system is based on a 3D AI-vision IC/ platform with a wide range of distant detection from 20cm to 3.5m, with field view angle up to 114 degrees. It can provide clear images even in environments with a luminosity of only 4 lumens.

The company chairman Nicky Lu expects good business prospects for the 3D sensor-based recognition modules, given the proliferation of self-service stores in China and the US.

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