Vivo Smartphone ToF Camera is Official Now

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PRNewswire: Vivo reveals its TOF 3D Sensing Technology "with the promise of a paradigm shift in imaging, AR and human-machine interaction, which will elevate consumer lifestyles with new levels of immersion and smart capability."

Vivo's TOF 3D camera features 300,000 depth pixel resolution, which is said to be 10x the number of existing Structured Light Technology. It enables 3D mapping at up to 3m from the phone while having a smaller baseline than Structured Light. TOF 3D Sensing Technology is also simpler and smaller in structure and allows for more flexibility when embedded in a smartphone. This will enable much broader application of this technology than was previously possible.

Vivo's TOF 3D Sensing Technology is no mere proof of concept. The technology is tested and meets industry standards required for integration with current apps soon. Beyond facial recognition, TOF 3D Sensing Technology will open up new possibilities for entertainment as well as work.

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