Sudden Death of Arnaud Darmont

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EMVA informs that Arnaud Darmont, one of the main contributors to EMVA1288 camera characterization standars, has suffered a fatal accident during a trip in the US. Other than his major contribution to EMVA 1288 standard, Arnaud was a Chair of Image Sensors and Imaging Systems conference, and the owner of HDR imaging and EMVA-compliant measuring instruments company Aphesa.

Arnaud Darmont is the author of 2014 book on HDR imaging "High Dynamic Range Imaging: Sensors and Architectures" and delivered a number of courses on HDR around the world.

Reportedly, Arnaud had visited the White Sand National Monument in New Mexico. He died in the dune field due to severe sunstroke. Rangers found his body at the closure of the park last Wednesday.

Here is a Youtube video with Arnaud's interview in 2015:

Update: There are obituaries from SPIE, IMVE, and Photonics.

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