e2v Sampling 8.9MP 2/3-inch Global Shutter Sensor

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Teledyne e2v announces that samples are now available for Emerald 8M9, the newest member of the Emerald CMOS sensor family dedicated to machine vision and Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) applications.

Emerald 8M9 features a 2.8µm global shutter pixel and provides a 8.9MP resolution in a 2/3-inch optical format. The sensor is available in two speed grades: a standard speed model (47fps @10bits) and a high speed model (107fps @10bits). The new sensor has a readout noise of 2.8e- combined with 65% QE.

Vincent Richard, Marketing Manager at Teledyne e2v, said “Emerald 8M9 is designed specifically to address the demands of machine vision, high resolution surveillance and traffic intelligence. The sensor is unmatched in the industry because of its versatile feature set. For example, real-time High Dynamic Range mode allows high resolution capture of fast moving situations from daylight to night-time with minimum artefacts and blur effects.

Samples and demo kits are now available and mass production is planned for Q1 2019.

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