Espros Delivers its ToF Sensors for Hypersen LiDAR

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Espros September 2018 Newsletter announces that the company has signed a contract with Hypersen Technologies (Shenzhen) Co. to supply them with a mass delivery of the TOF epc635 imagers. The epc635 sensors run Hypersen's recently launched solid-state LiDAR (HPS-3D Series). Other Espros partners in China are Benewake (Beijing) and Shanghai Data Miracle Co.

Another notable quote from the Newsletter:

"By the way, the most dominant cost drivers in TOF cameras are the receiver lens and the illumination. The TOF camera chip typically ranks as third. Hence a very sensitive TOF imager allows cost reduction due to less spending on illumination. What's more, the camera will not heat up as much, increasing lifetime and reducing power consumption."

Update: The post has been corrected according to the additional Espros explanations. Espros is supplying the ToF sensors to Hypersenm, not outsourcing the production.

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