Photoneo 3D Camera Wins Vision Show Award

Image Sensors World        Go to the original article... reports: "The winner of this year’s VISION Award, presented by Imaging & Machine Vision magazine, was named at the conference as Photoneo. Its new PhoXi 3D Camera is said to be the highest resolution and highest accuracy area based 3D camera available. It is based on Photoneo’s patented technology called Parallel Structured Light implemented by a custom CMOS image sensor.

The developer says this “novel approach” makes it the most efficient technology for high resolution scanning in motion. The key features of Parallel Structured Light include: scanning in a rapid motion – one frame acquisition, 40 m/s motion possible; 10x higher resolution and accuracy with more efficient depth coding technique with per pixel measurement possible; no motion blur resulting from its 10 µs per pixel exposure time; and rapid acquisition of 1068x800 point-clouds and texture up to 60 fps.

Photoneo claims that its custom designed image sensor is the key to the high performance of its 3D camera:

"Photoneo has developed a new technique of one frame 3D sensing that can offer high resolution common for multiple frame structured light systems, with fast, one frame acquisition of TOF systems. We call it Parallel Structured Light and it runs thanks to our exotic image sensor."

The company's patent application US20180139398 updates on the "exotic image sensor" over the earlier version circa 2014:

The 3D camera offers a nice trade-off between the resolution and speed:

Update: IMVE too publishes an article on Photoneo technology.

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