ST Reports Double Digit Growth in Image Sensing Business

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SeekingAlpha: ST Q4 2018 earnings call has interesting updates on the company's image sensor business:

"...our Analog, MEMS and Sensors group, AMS, revenues totaled $988 million, an increase of 9.5% with double-digit growth in Imaging, and single-digit growth in Analog and MEMS.

...our investments in the next generation of imaging sensor technologies. These will enable us to continue our leadership in our focus technologies for personal electronics, and to address selected industrial and automotive applications in the future... we have important R&D effort to continuously improve the performance of our device, especially addressing the Time-of-Flight application and the 3D sensing.

The strategy of ST is to be a leader on, let's say, global shutter technology... We have, let's say, improved efficiency master plan in this technology to offer the best global shutter of technology to our customer. And we do believe that this technology will enable ST to continue to sustain, okay, this market. But in personal electronics, but as well in other application, like industrial and automotive in the future.

Then we have, let's say, complementary to this - let's say, emerging global shutter technologies and product, we want also to have a strong leadership on the Time-of-Flight based devices, ambient lighting, Time-of-Flight sensor, Time-of-Flight sensors for proximity sensing ranging, but also enabling virtual reality or augmented reality application. This require technology improvement.

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