11 Myths about LiDARs

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ElectronicDesign: Cepton CEO and co-founder Jung Pei presents 11 myths about LiDARs as a background to show the company advantages:
  1. LiDAR is a very high-tech solution.
  2. LiDAR is expensive.
  3. Solid-state LiDAR is the best approach because it has no moving parts.
  4. Flash LiDAR is the best LiDAR for imaging.
  5. LiDAR must operate infrared wavelengths.
  6. LiDAR isn’t safe for the human eye.
  7. LiDAR can’t work in poor weather conditions.
  8. LiDAR can only be used for automobiles.
  9. LiDAR won’t be incorporated into vehicles for another decade.
  10. LiDAR can be fully replaced by cameras, radar, or a combination of the two.
  11. FMCW LiDAR is better than ToF LiDAR.

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