Curve-One to Bring Curved Sensors to Market

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Cea-Leti spin-off Curve-One startup aims to commercialize curved sensor technology and products:

"Fruit of 6 years of research and development, the Curve-One Fish-Eye benefits from the most optimized process. Based on not less than 8 patents, mass-production oriented, Curve-One is the most technically advanced wide field camera.

In terms of technologies, this is the dawn of a new era for cameras, camera phones, autonomous cars, drones, military instruments and bio-medical instruments, with the access to wider fields and exquisite homogeneity of the optical properties across the images, and faster systems not possible with classical flat focal planes.

Also, fewer components are needed, and the remaining ones are less complex. This increases economical and technical performance for the optical systems optimizations.

Soon to be off-the-shelf components for civil applications (cameras, civil drone) these breakthrough components will blossom in the technical needs for autonomous cars, military drones and advanced bio-medical applications.

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