Smartsens Announces 4MP 2um BSI Pixel Sensor

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PRNewswire: After releasing a 4MP sensor with NIR-enhanced 3um pixels 2 months ago, Smartsens adds a similarly specked sensor with 2um pixels. Aimed to AIoT (AI+IoT) market, the new 1/3-inch SC4238 4MP BSI sensor supports a 2-exposure HDR mode with a DR up to 100dB, and has improved QE in 850nm to 940nm band.

Compared with other 1/3-inch 4MP HDR products on the market, SC4238 has an advantage of good performance in low light — SNR1 0.47 vs 1.22, which is about 2.6 times better performance than our competitor.

SC4238 is in mass production now.

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