Smartsens Interview

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Electronic Design publishes an interview with Leo Bai, SmartSens’ AI BU General Manager. Few quotes:

"...single-frame HDR Global Shutter technology is better for image-recognition-based AI applications than conventional CMOS image sensors that use Multiple-Exposure HDR technology. Combined with a DVP/MIPI/LVDS interface, single-frame HDR Global Shutter technology can be adapted to various types of SoC platforms.

...adoption of global-shutter technology is growing rapidly, in comparison to rolling-shutter technology. One of the main reasons is that a global-shutter CMOS image sensor is able to achieve excellent real-time performance without the jelly effect, especially in AI and machine-vision applications. With advanced manufacturing process technology and reduced cost, it’s expected to see increasing market demand for global-shutter CMOS image sensors.

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