Espros on ToF Sensing Know-How and QE Comparison with Sony, Melexis

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Espros March 2019 Newsletter (not on their site yet but should appear soon) shares its CEO Beat De Coi thoughts on ToF imaging education:

"Did you know that the implementation of a TOF or LiDAR system needs professional competence in nine engineering majors? To me, that's the reason that probably nine out of ten TOF projects crash. At least this is my gut-feeling.

Some of the projects fail right at the beginning, which is good since the investment was limited. Others fail after years of trial and error engineering. Either way it is difficult to accept given the frustration and unrealistic expectations.

Remark: The University of Applied Sciences HTW in Chur/Switzerland offers a Bachelor of Science in Photonics since 2016. An important part of the lectures is TOF theory, implementation and application.

The Newsletter also compares Espros ToF pixels with Sony and Melexis competition:

"Competitor imagers have a 10μm pixel pitch whereas our epc611, 635 and 660 imager feature a 20μm pixel. The sensitivity is proportional to the pixel area which is 400μm2 in an ESPROS TOF imager, whereas it is just 100μm2 in the competitor devices. Smaller pixel pitch results in higher spatial resolution but at the cost of sensitivity which is more important in real world applications. All in all, the achievable operating range with the same illumination power is significantly higher with ESPROS TOF imagers."

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