SystemPlus on Mobile CIS Comparison

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SystemPlus publishes "Mobile CMOS Image Sensor Comparison 2019:"

"Discover the comparative study to provide insights into the structure and technology of 28 CIS die in seven flagship smartphones from several major brands: the Apple iPhone X; Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus; Huawei P20 Pro; Huawei Mate 20 Pro; Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Version; Oppo Find X; and Vivo X21UD.

The report has shown that the four manufacturers of CIS presented in the flagships, Sony, Samsung, Omnivision and STMicroelectronics, have totally different approaches. For example, Sony is the only manufacturer using hybrid bonding in the analyzed devices, having completely dropped fusion bonding with Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs). We have extracted further technical choices from the four players from the analysis and comparisons.

Comparison Omnivision-Samsung-Sony

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