Hillhouse Renamed to CelePixel and Relocated to Shanghai

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Hillhouse Technology Singapore has been renamed to CelePixel Technology and relocated to Shanghai, China. The company develops neuromorphic event-driven sensor and has filed for 7 US patents:

"In 1989, Carver Mead, US computer scientist, a founder of Moore’s law and VLSI, created the concept of Neuromorphic Engineering.

In 1990s, his students Misha Mahowald and Kwabena Boahen developed the first Retinomorphic sensor based on Address Event Representation. Subsequently, a number of scientific institutions started to research on Retinomorphic sensors.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, CelePixel has gone further in technological innovations and explorations, to take the cutting-edge underlying technology to forefront of commercial applications.

The company has won Audi Innovation Lab Award:

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