SmartSens Launches "SmartSensor" AI Platform

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Smartsens launches its "SmartSensor" AI platform based on 3D integration of image sensor with an image analysis processor. The company has selected TSMC's 3D chip manufacturing process for its "SmartSensor Platform" as its development platform, and hopes to work with leading partners to achieve innovative "smart sensor" designs, further promoting the Internet of Things industry and development of artificial intelligence technology.

Wang Xiaoyong, VP of systems and algorithms at SmartSens, said: "Sensor-side computing and 'smart sensor chips' are one of the major trends in the future development of the IoT industry. To achieve this innovation, it is impossible to rely solely on sensor chip manufacturers. SmartSens launched the 'SmartSensor Platform' to explore the infinite possibilities of 'smart sensor chip' innovation by leveraging the strength of the entire industry through close collaboration with partners across the entire industry chain."

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