2019 IISS Exceptional Lifetime Achievement Award goes to James R. Janesick

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Jim Janesick is a Distinguished Engineer at Sarnoff Inc., developing high-performance CMOS imagers for various scientific and government projects. In the beginning of his career Jim was with the Jet Propulsion Lab for 22 years, where he was group leader of the Advanced CCD Sensors Development Group with a focus on scientific CCD test and characterization. He pioneered scientific CCD and support electronic designs for several NASA space-borne imaging systems. Jim authored the text books Scientific Charge-Coupled Devices and Photon Transfer.

He received the NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal in 1982 and 1992. Over his career, he has had a great impact on characterization methodology of image sensors, particularly for scientific devices but applicable to nearly every CCD and CMOS imager.

For example, while at JPL, Jim developed the Photon Transfer Curve (PTC), world famous among image sensor technologists. This characterization method for image sensors makes it possible to characterize an imager without knowing particular details of the device. The technique is used in academia as well as in industry, and many devices are tested daily around the world making use of the PTC method.

The International Image Sensor Society is pleased to recognize Jim’s contribution to the imaging technology field by presenting him with the 2019 IISS Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2019 IISW at Snowbird in June.

Congratulations and thank you Jim!

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