XFAB Releases SPAD and APD Module in its 180nm Process

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X-FAB Silicon Foundries announces the availability of APD and SPAD devices for implementation in the company’s 180nm high-voltage XH018 process. The APD has a high linear gain, and is fully scalable - going from just ten to several hundred micrometer dimensions. The proprietary X-FAB quenching circuit used in the SPAD results in a dead time of less than 15ns. In addition, its low dark count rate (less than 100 counts/s/µm²) means that it is less susceptible to thermal noise. The PDP of the SPAD is maintained across a wide range of wavelengths (e.g. 40% at 400nm). Furthermore, the low breakdown voltage (less than 20V) that has been achieved.

The X-FAB APD and SPAD can be utilized in a broad spectrum of different applications - including proximity sensing, LiDAR, time of flight (ToF), medical imaging (CT and PET) and scientific research. Being AEC-Q100 compliant, they are suitable for deployment within automotive systems.

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