Automotive News: Porsche-Trieye, Koito-Daihatsu

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Globes: Porsche has invested in Israeli SWIR sensor startup Trieye. “We see great potential in this sensor technology that paves the way for the next generation of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions. SWIR can be a key element: it offers enhanced safety at a competitive price,” says Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Board for R&D at Porsche AG.

Porsche $1.5M investment is a part of Series A round extension from $17M to $19M. TriEye's SWIR technology is CMOS-based, said to enable the scalable mass-production of SWIR sensors and reducing the cost by a factor of 1,000 compared to current InGaAs-based technology. As a result, the company can produce an affordable HD SWIR camera in a compact format, facilitating easy in-vehicle mounting behind the car’s windshield.

Nikkei: Daihatsu low cost car Tanto released it July 9, 2019 features adaptive headlight technology from Koito. This is the first appearance of such a technology in low cost car, probably signalling a beginning of the broad market adoption:

"When a light-distribution-changeable headlight detects an oncoming or preceding vehicle at the time of using high beam, it blocks part of light so that the light is not directed at the area in which the vehicle exists.

In general, it uses multiple horizontally-arranged LED chips for high beam and controls light distribution by turning off LED light that is directed at an area to which light should not be applied.

With a stereo camera set up in the location of the rear-view mirror, it recognizes oncoming and preceding vehicles. By recognizing the color and intensity of light captured by the camera, it judges whether the source of the light is a headlight or taillight.

When it recognizes a vehicle, LEDs irradiating the area of the vehicle are turned off. It can recognize a headlight about 500m (approx 0.31 miles) away.

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