Samsung Presents Green-Selective Organic PD

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OSA Optics Express publishes Samsung paper "Green-light-selective organic photodiodes for full-color imaging" by Gae Hwang Lee, Xavier Bulliard, Sungyoung Yun, Dong-Seok Leem, Kyung-Bae Park, Kwang-Hee Lee, Chul-Joon Heo, In-Sun Jung, Jung-Hwa Kim, Yeong Suk Choi, Seon-Jeong Lim, and Yong Wan Jin.

"OPDs using narrowband organic semiconductors in the active layers are highly promising candidates for novel stacked-type full-color photodetectors or image sensors [11–17]. In a stacked-type architecture, the light detection area is increased and thanks to the organic layer, the spectral response can be controlled without the use of a top filter. Recently, highly attractive filterless narrowband organic photodetectors based on charge collection narrowing for tuning the internal quantum efficiency (IQE) have been reported [18,19], but this concept might be hardly applied to real full-color imaging due to the significant mismatch between the absorption spectra and the external quantum efficiency (EQE) spectra of the devices as well as the low EQEs. To improve the EQE of OPDs, in addition to the development of narrowband and high absorption organic semi-conductors, other optical manipulations can be brought to the device.

...we presented a high-performing green-selective OPD that reached an EQE over 70% at an operating voltage of 3 V, while the dark current was only 6 e/s/μm2. Those performances result from the use of newly synthesized dipolar p-type compounds having high absorption coefficient and from light manipulation within the device.

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