Convergence of Electronic Memory and Optical Sensor

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Research Journal publishes a review paper "2D Materials Based Optoelectronic Memory: Convergence of Electronic Memory and Optical Sensor" by Feichi Zhou, Jiewei Chen, Xiaoming Tao, Xinran Wang, and Yang Chai from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Nanjing University.

"a device integration with optical sensing and data storage and processing is highly demanded for future energy-efficient and miniaturized electronic system. In this paper, we overview the state-of-the-art optoelectronic random-access memories (ORAMs) based on 2D materials, as well as ORAM synaptic devices and their applications in neural network and image processing. The ORAM devices potentially enable direct storage/processing of sensory data from external environment. We also provide perspectives on possible directions of other neuromorphic sensor design (e.g., auditory and olfactory) based on 2D materials towards the future smart electronic systems for artificial intelligence."

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